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NEWSPAPER- nato.ana gomez. guti y hannah

“The GuHeLiGo”

In our newspaper we are going to talk about some interesting things that are happening in our school, for example: the “Copa Montaña”, Final exams, the athletic day, and the teams that our school have. We are also going to talk about two really special and attractive programs that the school is managing at the moment and at all time: the “Congreso Joven” and “Reconciliation”. Finally, we will tell you some about a really special activity extracurricular that our school likes a lot which is the Martial Band.
Hannah Libos



At Gimnasio la Montaña School we have a physical education program in which the students have the opportunity to develop his/her physical abilities to be a good athletic person. Each grade has two classes per week. In each class the students have a training of the different techniques of running.
These classes help the students to be prepared for the athletic day. This day is done every year and it is a day of only athletic competitions between the students of the school.
Also, the students have the possibility to be part of any sport team of the school. The school has a basketball team, football team, and a volleyball team and there is a women team and a men team for each one of this; the students that belong to a team go to train on the mornings 3 days per week and here they are able to develop and reforce their abilities of each one of them and this way the team would be much more better everyday.

Nicolás Gutiérrez


The school decided to make a soccer championship called “Copa Montaña- Sony Erickson”. It consist that four schools including “Gimnasio la Montana” play soccer games among them, and the one that wins more soccer games, will have the greatest price which are: cell phones, for each member of the team and they will also win the “Copa Sony Erickson”.

The games are only between boys that are between 16 and 18 years old. Our school has a uniform that is being patrocinated by Sony Erickson and they were the ones that made it for us.

The school decided to do this championship to stimulate the sport in the students and to make activities that don’t have to do anything with having to study and to rest of all the work and the final exams.

Natalia Herrera


The school is finishing and very soon students will be in vacations. Everyone is very excited to finish and to pass to the next grade. . Many students are failing more than 4 subjects, and many of them can fail the year. In one week the final exams will begin, and all students have to be prepared and study a lot for the final exams, the majorities of the students depend on the exams to pass or to fail the year. We have talked with the teachers and they have told us that this final exams are going to be harder because there are not going to be many questions of multiple choice, and in this exams they will ask for all the topics that the students have seen in hole the year.
The school always thinks in the best for the students, so they want to help them out on everything and to try for them no to fail the year having specifics evaluations, and this way they would have more probabilities of passing the year. The teachers are also telling the students why and what subjects they are failing, this way students can make works for recovering objectives.
Anamaria Gómez

At “Gimnasio La Montaña’” there is a program called “reconciliation”. This program is organized by tenth graders, and they help the students who fight or have problems with their friends, or classmates, and this is helpful for our community for it to maintain in peace at all times.
We have talked with some students of 10th grade, who have knowledge about the term and this way we can give you complete information about this program.
With one particular and intelligent student that we talked to was with Sebastian Panesso. He is in 10ºb. He told us that when they were in 9th grade they use to have a class per week, in which specialized people will teach them how to use and manage this program. They use programs from the camera of commerce, they learned what it is, they look at some cases, they learn how to behave, and they also learn the rules and how they work. When they get to 10th grade they are certificated and from then on, they could span there knowledgement to everyone.
Anamaria Gómez


The “Congreso Joven” is a political activity created by the school, in which the students of the Gimnasio la Montaña lead. This activity lasts four days in which the students of all over the country, of different schools play the role of senators and they discuss about subjects of extreme importance.

They meet in “El Capitolio Nacional” in a room called “El Salon Eliptico”. In this discussion they get very valuable opinions that demonstrate the big interest that the young people have for the political subjects that are happen now days.

We think that this activity is very helpful for the students because here we learn a lot of useful things about the social, political and economical causes of our country, and in this way when we grow up we will already have a good knowledge about the state and its problems.

Natalia Herrera

Extracurricular Activities:
Gimnasio La Montaña has the martial band which has an excellent performance at all time in all the bands competitions. Each year its performance is better and better and also each year the band has to change the bosses. In June the 1st the band will make the boss changes and everything is going to change. The main boss, surly, will be “Chepe”, he is the one that really deserves this year of being the boss. We expect that the band in Chepe’s hands will have a better development that the year that had pass. New songs need to be acquired and new instruments will need to be bought.
The “Batuta” contest is the most important contest of martial bands in Bogotá. Only six bands can be part of the Batuta’s group, and the Gimnasio la Montaña’s band is in the 7th place. We hope this year it could reach the Batuta’s contest and this way we can be more known all over the different schools of Bogotá and have a better performance

Nicolas Gutierrez

The “Reconciliation” and the “Congreso Joven”, are very interesting programs, that help students a lot in there life. I think that especially the “Congreso Joven” is a really interesting and good program that helps a lot the students for them to develop there knowledge and have a good critical position about politic, social and economic things of a country. Reconciliation is also a very good program which helps us understand that in life you don’t always have to fight for dum things and that you have to be able to solve your problems and to forgive people no matter what they did and continue your life. This also teaches you and makes you see who are your real friends, and in whom you can really trust. In conclusion, this is why we chose especially these two programs to write about and we hope that the people learn from this.

Editor: Hannah Libos

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