jueves, 19 de abril de 2007


Street Fox 215#25-42a
Bogota, Colombia
April 19, 2007

Dear Maria Mercedez,

I am writing today, for giving you some recommendations for the best use of the $100,000,000. I am thinking that the $100,000,000 belong to all the school, so we should invest them in a way that will be useful for all the students.

I want to propose to you to spend this money in instruments for the school band, because in this way the band will be better and more people will be able to sign up for it. Also you could buy some equipment for improving the school’s radio, because it is important for the school radio to be a good one. The rest of the money could be use for fixing the classrooms, starting from pre-school.
Thanks for your attention, I appreciate you.


Anamaria Gómez

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