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Evaluation and Answers
You answered 23 out of 28 (82%) questions correctly.
Conditional Sentences Type I
Complete the Conditional Sentences Type I.
If you go out with your friends tonight, I will watch the football match on TV.
I will earn a lot of money if I get
that job.
If she does not hurry, we will miss
the bus.
Conditional Sentences Type II
Complete the Conditional Sentences Type II.
If he tried harder, he would reach his goals.
I would buy these shoes if they fitted.
It would not surprise me if he doesent know the answer. did not know
Conditional Sentences Type III
Complete the Conditional Sentences Type III.
If we had listened to the radio, we would have heard the news.
If you had switched on the lights, you would not have fallen over
the chair. would have not fallen
She would have come to our party if she had not been
on holiday.
Conditional Sentences Type I, II or III
Complete the Conditional Sentences with the correct form (Type I, II or III).
If I were
stronger, I'd help you carry the piano.
If we'd seen you, we would have stopped.

If we meet
him tomorrow, we'll say hello.
He would have repaired the car himself if he had had
the tools.
If you drop the vase, it will break.
would break
If I hadn't studied, I would not have passed the exam.
I wouldn't go to school by bus if I had
a driving licence.
If she didn't see
him every day, she'd be lovesick.
I won't tavel
to London if I don't get a cheap flight. wouldn't travel
We'd be stupid if we told
him about our secret. had told

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